Rotherham Skate & Art Festival

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Art of Protest Projects
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Art of Protest Projects is a team of creatives who focus on transforming spaces to deliver a variety of experiences and services, from carefully curated intimate pop-up events and festivals, to large-scale exterior murals and park redesigns. Their focus is aimed at bettering society through art and by being great stewards on behalf of mother nature, promoting ecological & climate awareness, sustainable travel, and physical & mental wellbeing through community education and engagement - all things that I strongly support.

I worked directly with their communications director and founder/project leader on branding for a skate and art festival in Rotherham, England. The festival transformed Rotherham town centre into an art-immersed urban playground featuring a pop-up skate park, art and skate workshops, live music, and food. I was solely responsible for the entire branding of the festival, meeting all the needs of the various partners, providing materials for press releases, and creating a social presence around the festival. I loved working with the AOP team on this one and am looking forward to more; we had great communication throughout, I was given a lot of creative freedom and room to experiment which led to great results, exceeding their hopes, satisfied partners, and a turnout greater than they had anticipated.


  • Identity
  • Illustration
  • Marketing
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