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Krakow Property was a project that I was recommended for by a fellow colleague and owner of the local English newspaper. I met the owner of KP, hit it off and was tasked with creating a website for the company. They're a real estate leader in Kraków that has a hand in every sector of the market. There's been talk of extending their web presence to all the major cities in Poland.

This project gave me an opportunity to communicate with the owner's staff and work on my Polish a bit and learn about my new city. I think I probably intitially got the job because the owner was an Aston Villa F.C. fan and I mentioned that my former trainer/coach played for them back in the day. Tom left me with an Irish saying that I'll always remember: "The man who's too busy to do the job is the man you want to hire," or something to that effect.


  • Web Design
  • Adobe Muse
  • Photoshop
  • Identity

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