PowerGuide Vol. 1 & 2

A workbook for entrepreneurs

European Institute of
Innovation & Technology
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The job was to create a coursebook to help clean energy entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through proper steps and channels to help ensure a strong foundation for their businesses. I worked directly with the author to provide layout and images to support and strengthen the text. Volume 1 was to be distributed in the Polish sector of this entity. I was given creative freedom but when the directors in the Netherlands received our prepress draft they liked it so much they had me re-design the cover and brand it properly to be distributed throughout all of Europe. Volume 2 was rebranded and aimed at a larger demographic from the start.

The people at KIC/EIT were great and easy to work with as was my partner on this one. My partner was my actual life partner. We put this book together in half the time alloted while traveling around SE Asia, finding alley co-working spaces in Vietnam and borrowing WiFi from luxury hotels next door in Bangkok. The biggest challenge was to find a WiFi signal strong enough to hold Skype conferences just off the dirt roads in Cambodia.


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